Bucket List

1. Eat an apple straight from the tree

2.  Go sky diving

3. Dive with the great white sharks in Cape Town

4. Watch a play on Broadway

5. Go to Rocking the Daisies, SA

6. Run out of unstamped pages in my passport

7. Fly in a private jet

8. Ride an elephant

9. Attend a college frat party

10. Go to Greece, Santorini with with a friend to party and again with a boyfriend or best of both with a boyfriend to party

11. Play with lion cubs

13. Grow my own vegetables and herbs

14. Have a fairytale boho wedding

15. Watch Chelsea play against Liverpool

16. Own a a house with a window seat and with lots of plants inside

17. Drive over the 7 mile bridge in Florida

18. Go backpacking in Bali

19. Attend Burning Man, ok Africa Burn will do

20. Have a chill session in central Park

21. Own a Mac and an iphone

22. Ride in a gondola around Venice

23. Learn to play poker

24. Go to Coachella

25. Go to Times Square

26. Smoke weed in Amsterdam, its a must

27. Drink expensive red wine

28. Gamble in Las Vegas

29. Spend time in LA

30. Be in contact with someone famous 

31. Watch Alt-J live

32. Go to an international music festival

33. Play eenie- meenie-minie-mo with the world map and then travel there

34. See a concert at Radio City Music Hall

35. Be my own boss

36. Have a library in my house and make use of a ladder to reach the books on the ceiling high bookshelf

37. Meet someone whom I really love and they love me back just as much…real love…FOREVER

38. Watch The XX

39. Drop pennies on the train track and watch them get flattened

40. Help children in need 

41. Experience Halloween in the USA

42. Run in a field of sunflowers and take a photo

43. Own a vintage bicycle with a basket and bell

45. Drive over the Golden Gate bridge (maybe I took this one a bit too serious: did it in a Go Car)

46. Live in a different country

47. Visit the Grand Canyon

48. Go on a holiday to Thailand

49. Vacation in the Bahamas 

50. Own the book Hippies in the City

51. Get a tattoo 

52. Go on holiday with my husband or boyfriend to Bora Bora and have our own private house in the water on stilts

53. Chill in the dead sea

54. Drive on the route 66

55. Vacation in Mexico

56. Drive a big old school car that has 3 seats in the front (one long ass front seat)

57. See the Hollywood sign

58. Do an add campaign

59. Have $1000 to just shop

60. Carve a pumpkin

61. Enjoy a Thanksgiving in the USA

62. Visit India

63. Go on an international holiday with my parents

64. Volunteer at an orphanage

65. Own egyptian cotton linen

66. Build a snowman

67. Learn to shoot with my camera on manual

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 8.32.21 PM


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