Life and its daily lessons

Things I’ve learnt lately:
1. Happiness is a daily choice that you get to make all on your own.

2. People are the only real treasures in this world. Not gold, silver or Prada

3. Love is a verb

4. Generous hands will never be empty

5. Your heart knows what’s best for you, listen to it

6. Sunsets are like music to the eyes

7. Peace is not an external force but originates within

8. The future is now

9. You are never going to be as young as you are right now. Treasure your youth

10. Freedom is precious

11.Knowledge comes easy to a person of understanding

12. Heaven is in our hearts

13. A childlike imagination is something to always hold onto

14. If you don’t have expectations of people, you’ll never be disappointed

15. Fun comes in all kinds of packages

16. Spontaneity is the key to a life of adventure

17. If you want to see the greatest piece of art ever created, just open up your window and take a look outside. Creation is a wonder.

18. Be grateful for your memories; nobody else is the world has the same ones you do

19. If you live for the approval of others, you’ll die at their disapproval

20.If you’re looking for faults, you’re going to find them.

21. Not all goodbyes are forever

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