Make your friends Jelly

Ah, the blissful memories of childhood spring time. Think of a fresh glass of Oros in hand, stargazing, and pool outings (which were then tragically followed by the dreaded case of sunburns). Before our sartorial lives became infiltrated by longings for designer accessories and clothing, I, believe it or not, lived in a time of style simplicity. As a child, my closets were most likely a familiar blend of oversized tees, denim overalls, itchy Grandma sweaters, and of course, the jelly shoe.

The jelly shoe was your answer to an adventure down to the beach, exploring the seemingly infinite world of your backyard, or simply playing a game of hide and seek with your best friend. Fast forward to the present. Today, the jelly shoe is making its long awaited comeback to the fashion realm. Today’s modern jelly shoe has been graced with a makeover that it renders it appropriate for the style-conscious women of the twenty-first century.

You now may be swapping childhood pool time with exotic beach trips to the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean your feet should be no longer attired in something stylish as well.  Not only does the soft, plastic material ensure that you can wear your precious jellies on virtually any terrain, dry or wet, but it allows you to venture and explore in true comfort. Forget about blisters and sore feet! These shoes certainly aren’t called “jelly” for nothing. They are sure to add sweet touch to any fashionistas wardrobe.


(Photo of me in my jelly sandals taken by my friend Emilie)

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 8.32.21 PM



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