People I Follow

I enjoy many things in life such as fashion, fitness, flowers, food, (ok i promise that not all ‘F’ words) shoes, nature and photography. Below is a list of some of my favorite blogs/reads that I follow: (in no particular order)

1. M Loves M : I love this blog because it is about fashion as well the romantic life of a couple. Mara (the blooger) writes about how her and her husbands love story unfolds, its so precious.

2. Something Navy: This is an awesome blog about a girl living in NYC and her daily fashion, she loves shoes, so in her posts she show cases her amazing shoe collection and always tops off her outfits with the perfect pair of shoes.

3. Coatsman : This is my friend from back homes blog that he started a day ago and I am so excited to read his future blog posts. Welcome to the blogging world Karl.

4. Dirty Diapers, Running Noses and a Year of Travel : This is my other blog about my year abroad as an aupair in America.

5. Anchored and Gray : This is my host moms blog where she blogs about her love for fashion, fitness, food and Jesus, but not in they order.

6. Holland + the boy : A friends blog that is run by her and her boyfriend. i love the whole concept, of how they together as a team blog about their daily attire, their travels and their daily life

7. Kayla Itsines : An Australian fitness blogger/ personal trainer who inspires me daily to run, be healthy and get into shape.

8. Riseup Youth Movement : Their mission is to inspire the youth of South Africa to rise up and take a stand against human rights violations. They want to be the change that so many people say SA needs.

9. Elite Daily : Showcases a bunch of articles that relate to everyday life such as dating, working, life, money, sport, music and humor.

10. Terry Richardson : One of my best photographers that shoots for Vogue.

11. The Lust List : She is a graphic designer that blogs her sketches, “If I can’t have them, I’ll draw them” is what she lives by.

12. Megan Cawe : Fahsion blogger from UK

13. Tgther : Brings together 5 South Africa Fashion bloggers who blog about fashion and lifestyle

14. The Fashion Freckle : A South African Girl that showcases her daily attire, she always adds one humor to her posts and her blog is an addictive read

15. Lindsi In The Fast Lane : Blogger of all things great

Check them out, they are all such great reads

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